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File Size Title Author
1800VoiceMailSys.txt 6k VMS 1800 # List ???
3rdPartyAndVMS.txt 10k 3rd Party Fraud & Voice Mail Systems ???
3WayPhone.txt 5k How to build a 3-way phone ???
800LDCarrExtend.txt 8k List of 800 LD Carriers/Extenders ???
950sList.txt 6k 950's List ???
ATTForgery.txt 8k AT&T Forgery The Blue Bucaneer
AutonumberID.txt 13k Automatic Number Identification ??? 141k Digital Tone Boxes (not plans, boxes) ---
BoxPlans.txt 55k Plans for a # of tone boxes ---
CallerIDkm.txt 7k Expanding the Capacity of Caller ID Boxes mR. dISCO
CallingCardPyro.txt 6k Hacking Calling Cards The Pyromaniac
CNAList.txt 11k CNA List ???
ComputerPhreaking.doc 26k Computer Phreaking ???
Connect2ndLine.txt 10k How To Connect A Disconnected
2nd Phone Line To The Main Line
The Hooded Man
ESSProphecy.txt 7k ESS: Orwell's Prophecy Hell if I know!
ETollFraud.doc 10k Electronic Toll Fraud Devices ???
FreeMessage.txt 1k Leave A Message Anywhere For Free The Loath
FreePayPhoneCalls.txt 4k How to "steal" local calls
from most payphones
HackPhreakNums.txt 23k Hacking & Phreaking Numbers ---
HeadSet_LOU.txt 5k Making A Phone Headset NegativeRage
BugDetection.txt 2k Bug Detection On Home Phones ???
How2GetCaught.txt 13k Article: Home Phone Phreaks Are Caught NO SEVERANCE
Excerpt from:
2600 v4 #7 07-87
KillModemNoise.txt 6k Modem Noise Killer (alpha version) Mike McCauley
LoopsBasics.txt 3k Loop File Quasi Moto
& Blue Archer
LoopsDivertors.txt 5k Someone had nothing more to offer? ???
LoopsKnownLoved.txt 7k Loops I've Known and Loved Dark Priest
MainFramesMisc.txt 1k MainFrames & Misc. ???
PacBellCompSys.txt 3k Pacific Bell Computer Systems Another Hacker 5k PC Pursuit Online Service Info ---
PhoneScrambler.txt 9k How To Build A Telephone Scrambler Bloodwing
PhoneTap.txt 29k How To Make A Genuine Phone Tap Jello Biafra
PhoneTap_PRAud.txt 12k A Basic Lesson In The Art Of Listening In ???
Phreaking_VKRandOYP.txt 3k Phreaking The VKR &
SoftwareHouses.txt 4k Software Houses ???
TASI.txt 2k Time Assignment Speech Intepolation Master Blaster (313)
TheJoyOfBoxing.txt 4k The Joy Of Boxing The Dragyn
TollFreeProdNum.txt 11k Toll Free #s For Computer Products ---
TouchTone.txt k Touch Tone ---
TuffExtendList.txt 8k TUFF Extender List --- 13k Pirate Boards Around the US Compiled by:
Stainless Steel Rat
VoiceMail.txt 5k Hacking Voice Mail Systems ???