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File Size Title Author
Angelfire.txt 3k Hacking Angelfire Accounts HotWired
CDCCyber.txt 11k Hacking Control Data Corporation's Cyber ???
Compuserve4free.txt 3k How To Get A Free Account On Compuserve ???
CompuserveHack.txt 5k Hacking The Compuserve Information Service ???
CrashAOL.txt 5k Fighting Back Against AOL (Assholes On-Line) _--=PeEll=--_
CrashBBS.txt 3k Hot To Crash A Bulletin Board _--=PeEll=--_
CrashCommBBS.txt 3k How to Crash a Commadore BBS ???
CrashGBBS.txt 4k How to Crash GBBS ][ Boards ???
HotMail.txt 7k The Hotmail Hack DIGITAL assassin
LPage.txt 2k Deleting Entries in LPage GuestBooks 0ptikLenz
TrojanSample.txt 1k Sample Of A Trojan Spear