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File Size Title Author
Carding_DL.txt 8k Credit Carding made easy David Lightman
Carding_DSBBS.doc 17k Credit Carding ??? - Posted to Dreamscape BBS
Carding_Wyvern.doc 3k Hacking Credit Card Codes The Wyvern
Edited by: Omni Kid
CCValidate.txt 1k Credit Card Checks ??? - excerpt from?
CopyrightX.txt 1k How do I defeat copy protection? ??? - excerpt from?
COTDC_PiracyGuide.txt 15k The Gnu-Warez Kidz' Guide
to Pirating on the Internet
Tarkin Darklighter 5k Cracking on the IBM PC ??? 9k Credit Carding David Lightman &
The Administration
FraudBible-v1.doc 18k The Bible of Fraud Sneak Thief 17k Guerilla Guide to Licensing Software anonymous
Intro_Exact.txt 30k Introduction to Win95 Cracking eXact /oRP
a.k.a. sice_boy 220k How to Crack: A Tutorial +ORC
RealCredCardFraud.doc 9k Real Credit Card Fraud Emergency Interupt
UPC-Crk.doc 7k Cracking the Universal Product Code Count Nibble
Win95_VB.txt 23k Tutorial for VB Cracking raZZia 21k How to Disassemble a Win Program raZZia