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File Size Title Author
AlkaSelzter.txt 3k How To Have Fun With Alka-Seltzer Uncle Wiggly 87k The Anarchists Cookbook 2 The Uncircumcised Giraffe
BicBallistics.txt 7k Bic Ballistics The Video Vindicator
BreakingIn.txt 6k CrimeNet I - Breaking In Made Easy Byte Blaster & Cracka Jack
ChangeMachine.doc 2k Stealing from $ Changers The Phyrotechnic
FMWirelessBug.txt 5k How to make an FM Wireless Bug Johnny Rotten
Freecoke.txt 2k Get free Coke and money ???
FreeShit.txt 18k Free Stuff -Yours ..truly.
FunAtSchool.txt 5k how to have fun at school walkon
HighwayRadarJam.txt 2k Highway Radar Jamming Ben Piper (TAP Magazine) 48k Improvised Munitions Handbook Metal Shop: Dark Tower
JackPotting.txt 5k Jackpotting: What Is It? The Prowler
McDonalds.doc 5k Hacking McDonalds "Herb" The Hacker
NuclearTransit.txt 8k Nuclear Transit On The Highways Data Line 31k Tons of anarchy related texts! _--=PeEll=--_
Soda_OdP.txt 2k Ripping off soda machines od^phreak
Soda_SAN.txt 2k Ripping off soda machines SANctuary
SwimmingPool.txt 2k Destroy a Pool!!! ???
VendingMachKeys.txt 1k Vending Machine Keys The Pyro